Sun Protection

Combatting Sun Sensitivity
We all know too much time in the sun could permanently damage one’s skin. But did you know that certain drugs and procedures can cause sun sensitivities in patients? It means patients will have a dramatic skin reaction to sunlight and likely develop a bright red, itchy rash when exposed to the sun. In some cases, it can even cause scarring of the skin.
For patients undergoing certain chemotherapies, aside from a sun sensitivity, it can actually make some of the side effects of chemotherapy worse. Intense sun exposure can also weaken the immune system even further, affecting the overall health of already weakened chemotherapy patients.

What’s the Solution?
While a bit of sun can be good for you, the best way to avoid these negative side effects is to protect your skin and minimise exposure where you can. Here’s where the Brazzi Sun Bra comes in…
The Brazzi Sun Bra is an innovative piece of clothing that offers support and sun protection. It’s made from a lightweight material that allows your skin to breathe while blocking the sun’s rays more effectively than any other sun protection method. So, you can wear it under clothing without overheating. The soft material also makes it perfect for women who have just had mastectomies. Each bra is UPF 50, which means it blocks up to 98% of the sun’s harmful rays all day long. So, you can spend time in the sun without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on your skin.